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Sound Cards and Speakers

Sound Cards and Speakers

Sound cards are a very important part of computing in the modern age. Without them you will have no music, no effects and no voices when using your computer. Making the experience very bland and business like.

Fortunately in the modern day 99% of computers are supplied with sound cards, usually part of the motherboard, but only able to supply a basic 2 speaker set up with audio, but this can be changed. Enhance your computer experience by upgrading the sound card and your speaker system.

With speakers placed around the room you will create a new gaming, and movie experience, with noises coming from all directions of your room. Imagine a helicopter flying around you in a game, well with the correct speaker set up this experience will be much more real, by just closing your eyes you will feel like you are actually there. Someone walking behind you in a game will have you looking behind in real life. The experience can be unbelievable and unreal.

Buyers Guide

So what do you look for? Well its quite simple, soundcards and speakers, come in several formats, all of which will be written on the box. They are rated as 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1.  For example 7.1 means 7 satellite speakers and 1 sub-woofer, 5.1 means 5 satellite speakers and 1 sub-woofer. (I hope you get the idea) The more speakers the higher quality the sound will be, and the more amazing the effects.

When it comes to sound always buy quality. Creative Labs Sound card and speakers series is well recommended, and always buy the speakers that match the sound card.

An important note, when buying is to check your DVDís, Games or Music CDís to see what they support. Most say 5.1 audio, this will work fine on all cards and speakers 5.1 and below, but you will only receive 5.1 audio on a 7.1 system. So if you have 7.1 set up, donít get annoyed if two of your speakers donít work.



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