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The Base Unit 


Inside Your PC: The Base Unit  

Your base unit is the main part of your PC, also known as a desktop computer (Lies flat) or tower unit (Stands upright). This is the main box where you insert the CD’s and/or disks, sometimes incorrectly called the processor, the monitor or the hard drive, amongst other things. This is the heart of your PC.

Buyers Guide:  The Case

The base unit is referred to the case and all components inside it. You can refresh the look of your computer by buying a new case, and moving all components from the old case to the new. (All your friends and family will think you have a new computer)

Many different designs and styles are available for base units. Mini Towers, midi towers, and full Towers are the most popular. At present you are best to buy an ATX (P4 ready) case. (The only exception will be computers that are around 8 years old or older which will be in AT cases, generally you can tell the difference by shutting down your computer. If it says “It is safe to shutoff your computer” and you have to press the power button to shut it off, then you have an AT computer).



Cases come in many different sizes and colours. Some are even see through, this is one the best ways to customise your computer.

An important note is to make sure than when you buy make sure the case has at least a 300w power supply and is P4 ready (Even some Athlon computers require the P4 connections). Also if you are not comfortable with moving your computer components over then get a trained computer technician to do it for you.

So for as little as £40 you can make your computer look new, more powerful and most of all impressive to all you know.



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